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What a trip this game was! I absolutely adored it. It had such a creepy vibe and atmosphere that made me uncomfortable in a way not many games do, and I mean this in the best way possible. Really captured what it is like to have a confusing nightmare..

Fantastic point-and-click horror, had a great time playing it. Thank you! I am looking forward to checking out your newest title, love your style :)

Really nice atmosphere and cool look. I really enjoyed it.

Here's my video with both endings, no commentary

I really loved this games atmosphere and overall creepiness

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Since I'm not really into point and click games I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did! It was fun and suspensful and I'm glad I found it. Please make more 10/10!

Had a fun time playing this game!

Wow! Really reminded me of I Spy games for some reason- it was such a fun experience! I only got the one ending but I had a ton of fun, I want tons more people to play this game and experience what I didn't in the video! :D

I love this game so much. Only played through twice but it's certainly made its impact. I constantly come back for inspiration when working on my own projects. I love the pixel style and the atmosphere. It's a strangely comforting game despite being graphic and uncomfortable at times.

I have no clue what I experienced here but I love it, it's so unsettling and bizarre. I love the pixelated style and how creepy everything is. Definitely going to check out the other games you've made and I sure hope you'll make more like this, cause that was great! 

I enjoyed this, i really love puzzle point and click horror games! this was really well done. Great job!

Very interesting game with a great story. I loved the art style!


L game. My character has negative rizz and sat in the back seat AND GOT NO HEAD BECAUSE HES SUCH AN L. 8/10

I had so much fun playing loved the scariness and the story of it all :))

Amazing Game I really Enjoyed it

Awesome story driven horror game with plenty to see.

I love the atmosphere of the game!

That was fun..

I suppose now I know what to do in my dreams..

Fantastic game. It's exciting and very pretty.

I've played this before, but didn't remember (at first haha, my memory is crappy) Anyways, and Its still an amazing game! I played it twice, not following the foot prints, and then following the foot prints :-)

Great game! (Maybe I shouldn't have played while eating lunch though haha)

The story .... insane! Love the atmosfear. Just an amazing game


this game is actually sick please make more (Game #1)

This was totally captivating, amazing work, the graphics were like magic, the dithered effect felt so immserive - The two paths were so vastly different- we played the 'good' path first, and then as the game finished, we wanted to try the footprints direction, and it was even more insane and dream-like. Amazing mix of surreal yet still grounded in a very weird way.

10/10 ++++++ Awesome work, also, amazing textures.

Such different emotions depending on the order in which you got the endings... It's so cool!

Good Game!

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This game is pretty dang good. It represents the "ive always known this" feeling of a dream while also managing to feel random like a dream does. well done!

Really cool experience 

A short yet great experience. Wish there were more games like this that are about dreams. It's simple, yet it makes you think.

Nice little horror game! I loved loved loved the atmosphere and the feeling of a old click and point adventure game! These games need to be produced more often! Thank you! 

fever dream vibes. Love it


  LOVED the story telling in this game the puzzles the atmosphere really was a euphoric experience will definitely be checking more out!!!

Really liked your other game so decided to check this one out aswell! did not dissapoint. Love this style of games.

i loved everything about this game! i'm a sucker for point and click games (especially creepy). if you haven't given this game a try, you definitely should!

made a video of this game as well :~)


This one gave me a "What do you think?" interpretation typa vibe. Coming from the deepened iceberg of borderline lucid dreams or nightmares, the value behind determining what you believed shaped your protagonist story, is what made the game a top valued genre.

Pros: [Subjective]

It was short, sweet, and simple, yet had that deep thinking for your psyche.

The colorful aspect made every piece of art have it's own defining nature to the scenery, with a mixture of blue, yellow, and red tints to lead that highlighter dreamy like feeling.

The horror was subtle, mainly atmospheric, however giving off a very creepy, keep you on edge feeling; safe.. yet.. uneasy.

Cons: [Subjective]

I wish there was a little bit more story structure, so I could know what the game was fully about, why there were others, whether or not they were real, and how I got this same cognitive dream that previous people had before me.. rather than leading to interpretation, however, with what was in front of me, it kept me coming back for more.

Thank you for this intriguing out of the ocean of deathly nightmarish screams.. appreciate chu developer Abstract Machine!!

If you wish to watch my Video...



Played both parts, loved the use of colour and the point-and-click system.. thanks!


Such a good game. I love the style of it. 10/10

Here's part 1, I did part 2 straight after.


This game was a splendid experience!


Nice game (and art)!


Really really great game. There aren't many point and click games (at least I don't think so) and yours did amazing. Reminded me of a horror one I used to play as a kid!


Honestly love everything about this game. I want more in this specific visual style. Like others, it brings up a lot of memories of my own dreams, my own choices in life and how sometimes I'm just perpetuating the same cycles of action endlessly.. without realizing it until much later.


a really unique game, it gives us the feeling of having done something wrong and regardless of everything we would repeat that cycle

fear is exploited in the worst possible way, through despair

just wonderful

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